Zzz-Mask SG, Nasal

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The Zzz-MASK SG contour-designed, Full Face and Nasal CPAP Masks offers a new, improved frame design with no contact with the patient’s forehead. They are made of soft, medical grade liquid silicone, making them extremely durable, flexible, comfortable and easy to clean while providing a superior seal.

•Designed for durability and easy removal and replacement of the silicone cushion, the New frame on the Zzz-MASK SG is attractive and lightweight.

•The Zzz-MASK SG features ergonomic designed, medical grade liquid silicone cushions that contour naturally to the face providing an outstanding level of comfort & an excellent seal.

• The Zzz-MASK SG Cushion offers a 360º floating swivel elbow port which allows more free movement while at sleep without interrupting the seal.

• New Zzz-MASK SG Headgear is made of control-stretch material that limits stretching in each direction and features a breathable layer that wicks away moisture providing improved patient compliance and comfort and new, user-friendly, quick release clips.

• The Nasal Zzz-MASK SG features a unique curved Headgear link that offsets the side straps to open up a patient’s ocular perimeter vision.

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